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In this video I go over this sweet spider mod that adds crazy spiders to your world! Whats your favorite spider? I hope you enjoy the video and any likes and comments are much appreciated!

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There is only one team: the yellow Players team. When players spawn, they will be scattered throughout the map with their kit-specific equipment and one arrow each.

Each arrow kills any player in one hit, regardless of charge time, under any circumstances. While arrows are the preferred method of attack, they come in short supply; in other words, arrows are not fletched like in most minigames. Instead, the only way to get more arrows is to kill other players. If the player has no more arrows, then they must resort to their melee weapon.

Players respawn instantly, and there is no time limit. The round ends after a player reaches 20 kills.

MCDiaPickAxe Game Kits:

  • Jumper (free kit): Tapping the space 2 time in quick succession, sends the player into a double jump.
  • Brawler (gem kit): The brawler costs 2000 gems, and has no double jump. Instead, the double jump is replaced with an Iron Sword. Good for people who don’t like sniping.
  • Enchanter:  The enchanter costs 5000 gems, and spawns with a bow and a Stone Sword. The special ability is that upon successfully hitting a player, the arrow will go on to hit other players around the original player, up to 2 times in quick succession
  • Slam Shooter (achievement kit): The player gets a weak shovel, but can right-click with it to “slam” a player, and slammed players, upon death, give two arrows.
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