Here’s a convenient listing of all the fatalities you can do in Mortal Kombat X. I have listed the codes for; Playstation 4 (PS4) , Xbox One and PC. Let me know if you find anything wrong and let me know what your favorite fatality is. Now go finish off some noobs in style.

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Mortal Kombat X Cassie Cage Fatality

Cassie Cage Fatality

Bubble Head (Mid) – Forward, down, back, forward, Square/X

Selfie (Close) – Down, forward, down, back, Circle/B

mortal kombat X dvorah

D’Vorah Fatality

Bug Me (Mid) – Back, forward, back, X/A

Heart Broken (Close) – Forward, back, forward, Triangle/Y

mortal kombat x ermac

Ermac Fatality

Inner Workings (Mid) – Down, up, back

Head Out (Mid) – Forward, down, down, up

mortal kombat X erron black

Erron Black Fatality

Sand Storm (Mid) – Down, back, forward, down, Square/X

Six Shooter (Far) – Back, forward, back, forward, Triangle/Y

mortal kombat X ferra torr

Ferra/Tor Fatality

Better Than One (Close) – Forward, back, forward, back, X/A

Play Time (Mid) – Down, back, forward, back, back

mortal kombat X jacqui jax

Jacqui Briggs Fatality

Blown Out (Close) – Back, forward, back, forward, Triangle/Y

Fist Pump (Close) – Forward, down, back Circle/B

mortal komba x jax

Jax Fatality

T-Wrecks (Close) – forward, back, down, triangle/Y

Jack the Ribber (Close) – Down, back, forward, forward

Johnny Cage Fatality

Here’s Johnny (Close) – Back, forward, back, forward, Square/X

Little Improv (Mid) – Forward, back, forward, forward

mortal kombat X kano

Kano Fatality

Head Case (Close) – Down, forward, down, back, X/A

Knife to Meet You (Far) – Down, down, forward, Square/X

mortal kombat X kenshi

Kenshi Fatality

Tele-Copter (Far) – back, forward, back, back

My Puppet (Far) – Forward, down, back, up, Square/X

mortal kombat x kitana

Kitana fatality

Dark Fan-Tasy (Mid) – Down, forward, back, forward, Triangle/Y

Splitting Hairs (Mid) – Back, forward, down, down

Kotal Kahn Fatality

Be Mine! (Close) – Down, back, forward, Square/X

Tight Squeeze (Close) – Forward, back, forward, back, Triangle/Y

Kung Jin Fatality

Target Practice (Close) – Down, forward, down, back, Triangle

Pinned Down (Mid) – Forward, back, down, down, Square

mortal kombat X kung lao

Kung Lao Fatality

Face Grind (Close) – Down, back, down, forward, Circle/B

Flower Pot (Close) – Down, forward, down, back, Square/X

mortal kombat X liu kang

Liu Kang Fatality

Sore Throat (Close) – Down, down, back, forward, forward

Splitter (Close) – Back, forward, down, up

mortal kombat X mileena

Mileena Fatality

Face Feast (Close) – down, back down, back, X/A

Tasty Treat (Close) – Forward, back, forward, back, Triangle/Y

mortal kombat X quan chi

Quan Chi Fatality

Mind Game (Far) – Forward, back, forward, back, Circle/B

Both Ends (Close) – Down, forward, back, forward, Triangle/Y

mortal kombat X raiden

Raiden Fatality

Bug Eyes (Close) – Forward, back, forward, Square/X

Conducting Rod (Far) – Down, forward, back, forward, Circle/B

Reptile Fatality

Bad Breath (Close) – Down, forward, down, forward, Circle/B

Acid Bath (Close) – Down, down, back, forward, Square/X

mortal kombat X scorpion

Scorpion Fatality

Stop Ahead (Mid) – Down, back, forward, Triangle/Y

Who’s Next! (Mid) – Down, back, forward, up

mortal kombat x shinnok

Shinnok Fatality

The Grinder (Mid) – Down, Left, Right, Down, Up

Flick Trick (Mid) – Down, Up, Down, Up, RT / R2

mortal kombat X sonya

Sonya Blade Fatality

Target Marked (Close) – Down, down, back, forward, R2/RT

Head Hunter (Mid) – Forward, back, down, back, Triangle/Y

mortal kombat X subzero

Sub-Zero Fatality

Chest Kold (Close) – Back, forward, down, back, Circle/B

Bed of Ice (Close) – Down, Left, Down, Right, Circle/B

mortal kombat X takeda

Takeda Fatality

Whip It Good (Mid) – Down, forward, down, back, Triangle/Y

Head Cage (Mid) – Forward, back, down, down, Square/X

mortal kombat X goro


Peek-A-Boo (Close) – Back, forward, down, Circle/B

Shokan Amputation (Close) – Back, down, down, up