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First Video Ever Made

This is the first video I ever made and uploaded to YouTube. It's a teaser for the first Machinima I wanted to make. I wrote out a whopping 72 page script for the video and even got some talented people to do voice acting for me. Unfortunately, the video never came to forwishen because the [...] 1.0

Here is the first version of that I made sometime after I came up with the idea to have some fun on Youtube and make World of Warcraft machinima. This is from December 30th 2010. I originally used this website for a guild I was running in World of Warcraft but I don't have any screen [...] 2.0

This is the second version of the website. When I decided I wanted to make tutorials for video editing and wanted to offer downloads is when I made this change. I figured I needed a much easier website to navigate so people could find all the little goodies. This screenshot is taken from July 30, [...]