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First off, I want to thank you for becoming a member of my website! Whether you signed up for a Basic account or a Premium account I highly appreciate all the support and I hope you find the website to be both informative and entertaining.

Here on the website you can find information regarding the different games I play and even how to connect with me on some of them. You can find a wide range of tutorials and resources that you can use for all the awesome videos or graphics you make,  just be sure to show off your epic creations in the forums! Also, you can connect with other awesome fans and people wanting to learn how to create video or help others out with their projects!

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In this section you can find out some quick information to get you started around the website! Also, you can find out what perks your specific membership gives you by clicking the button below. I have placed a perk links in the Member Navigation on the side bar for your convenience along with other useful links. Here is a picture to show you where it is!

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 Gaming Videos:

You can find the different games I play and on some games information on how to connect with me by use of the top menu. Click on videos, navigate to Gaming Videos and the select the game you would like to view information about. If there is a game you would like to see me play let me know in the forums. Also, I play some games live on YouTube! It’s the most interactive livestream on the interwebs! Find out more by clicking the button bellow.

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Machinima Tutorials:

Learn how to make epic machinimas!If you’re wanting to learn how to make epic machinimas then you have come to the right place! I’ve made tutorials that are Machinima specific such as, How to use Fraps. Also, I’ve gone through the After Effects, Photoshop and Sound FX tutorials and added the ones that relate closely to making machinima to the Machinima Tutorial category.

Machinima Tutorials, Oh Yeah!


After Effects Resources and Tutorials:

In this category you can find After Effects projects and tutorials to help teach you how to make some completely awesome videos. In the future I will be adding presets and After Projects that all you will have to do is change the text and render.

After Effects Tutorials



Photoshop Resources and Tutorials:

If you’re looking for some Photoshop tutorials, Layer Styles, Brushes and PSDS then be sure and check out this category as I will be updating it regularly. All kinds of groovy things you can use for your videos and graphic projects to make them stand out from the rest even better!

Photoshop Photoshooping Tutorials and Rescources



Sony Vegas Resources and Tutorials:

Sony Vegas Projects and ResourcesTo get down and dirty with some Son Vegas be sure to keep an eye out on this category as I will have some videos and resources up soon for it!

Coming Soon Sony Vegas Tutorials




Sound FX / Sound Resources and Tutorials

Looking for some killer sound effects that you can use in your videos? Are you wanting to learn how to manipulate sound in After Effects, Sony Vegas and Sound Booth? Good! You will love this category!

Groovy Sound FX!



Royalty Free Stock Footage:

This category houses some awesome Royalty Free Stock Footage that you can use in your videos! You will need a Premium Membership to download these clips from the website.

 Royalty Free Stock Footage



Royalty Free Stock Photography:

Looking for some awesome Royality Free stock photography or some groovy texture packs to use in your videos and graphic works? Well your search has stopped! You will dig this section for all your stock photo needs. You will need at least a Basic Membership to download anything from this category

 Royalty Free Stock Photography