So today I thought I would update my Pre-roll to have some COD: Black Ops 2 elements for some upcoming videos I have in mind. I fired up After Effects as usual and made some changes to the pre-roll, no biggie. However, when I went to go render it, as I have before, I noticed some crazy things going on. First there was some weird black box that keep popping in and out in the bottom right-hand corner. Also, my elements (text and logo) were flickering. After turning off layers, changing settings and about 10 renders later I figured out what the problem was or at least who the culprit was. It was my Element 3D layers. Whenever I shut them off the video would render flawlessly.

Element 3d flicker fix


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Advertisements help pay for hosting and keep the website running. =]


I messed around with some settings and preferences to try and fix the problem. I also cleared my cache, just in case. In the end, the setting that fixed my problem was turning off multiprocessing . Before I turned off multiprocessing  I did change it so that it used a lower amount of CPUs for processing and that did not fix the problem.  So if you are having this annoying problem try clearing your cache and turning off your multiprocessing. To find the multiprocessing option go to the tool bar and then: Edit > Preferences > Memory & Multiprocessing. I hope this helps you if you have this problem. Happy editing!

After Effects Multiprocessing

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